Mid-year Goal Check: here it goals

Monday, July 19, 2021

Let's talk about goals? 

I wrote about my 2021 goals but I didn't tell you what they were. Today, I want to share my goal-setting mindset, my mid-year update, and how I plan to achieve these and more goals. 

I used to set complex goals in the past. I decided to simplify my goals. The mindset is to have precise categories and two items under each one. The goals are stretch goals, as it will take some effort to accomplish them. Here it goals!


• Read the Bible in a year • In progress. I'm a little late but I am plan on catching up so I can finish one time.

• Study 2 books of the Bible NT and one OT • As soon as I finish a few writing projects, I'm going to start on this.

* this year, I am enjoying encouraging others in their faith walk. I'm also enjoying sharing what I've learned with peers and mentees. I believe that we are not meant to walk alone in our journey of faith. I also believe that I can be a blessing to the people God sends my way.


• Read 6 books with the kids • We are reading but not together. I want to say we started 3 books and finished zero. The good news is that the kids are reading and I am reading. I need to coordinate our reading time to reach this goal before December 31.

• Schedule 4 dates a month • I'm not counting dates as I should but I can say that we are doing really well. We are averaging 4 dates a month and in the previous 6 months, sometimes we went on 5 or 6. * I'm grateful to God for our family. I'm trying to do what it takes to be a blessing in word and deed. I'm learning that when I change, I can be a better blessing to my family.


• Run a comfortable 9:15  minute per mile pace • I'm not there yet because I chose the word comfortable. I also started CrossFit, which wasn't in the radar when I wrote these goals. We work on speed during CrossFit. Yay me!

• Arrive (and stay) at WW Lifetime by March of 2021 (September) • I'm 4 months overdue with this one. I am making progress. The new date is September. I'm focusing on this big time. It's time to make some great advancements towards my health goal. * I'm so close to reaching my health goal. I'm grateful for the support I have. I have a free month of WW to offer you if you'd like to give it a try. Click here


• Redesign my Blog • I did this!

• Write at least one book • In progress. When I finish I will tell you all about it. I want to actually start another one once I complete book number 1.

* I'm willing to put in the effort. I believe that goals help us be accountable for the blessings we have received. I have another business goal I am keeping to myself.


• Travel 5 times this year at least • so, we completed this but we are not done traveling for the year. We had to postpone one trip. I'm all about short-distance travel as well. The world is our parish, right?

• Host fun dinner parties • so far, I have hosted 2 super fun dinner parties. I have plans to host two more. * The "other" category was meant for things that do not fit in the previous ones. Sometimes, I sporadically write goals and it has been fun to see them happen.

Have you looked at the goals you set for yourself in January? How can you adjust your approach so they can happen?