2023 Goals Update

Monday, June 12, 2023


We are 202 days away from the end of the year. I like countdowns. They both convict and encourage me. Convict because there is so much work to do toward my goals. Encourage me because reaching them will add to the quality of my life. Let's get deeper:

Fitness - one of my goals is to master 5 pull-ups. Last week I was up to 4. I can do 3 easily. I continue to practice them at least twice a week. I included nutrition under this goal area as well. I decided to start writing down my daily nutrition intake to be sure I was more in control of the results I want. 

Conviction: I need to keep working on pull-ups two to three times a week. I can rely on food journaling to reach my nutrition goals.

Encouragement: There is plenty of time to reach both goals. I need to stay consistent. 

Family - This year's goals are both bucket list goals and relational goals. Our weekly dates got a bit derailed with the end of the school year but we are making time to connect. My goal to offer a Portuguese intensive also got derailed. 

Conviction: time is not slowing down. I need to get after these family goals.  

Encourage: We are all connecting well as a family. We are navigating our summer schedule (only two weeks in y'all) the best we can. Things will come together. 

Other - I reserve these categories for goals that don't necessarily belong in the other categories. Writing often goes here. 

Convict: I know which direction I need to take with this project. I just have to do it. 

Encourage: The good thing is that the summer can be a springboard for a new enthusiasm about my writing projects. I need to choose when and where I will start. 

Conviction: I haven't started.

Encouragement: I can start.