Sunday Seven

Sunday, June 11, 2023

 Sunday Seven

I wasn't expecting to be called to the carpet. We were at the end of a swim meet when a neighbor asked, "Did I do something to offend you? I thought we had a good friendship going. It seems like something got in the middle." I marveled at her perception. She wasn't wrong. I learned the following 7 things from our sincere conversation:

1 • Honesty is a good friend. I was grateful for her promptness in using honesty. Honesty opened doors that were previously closed. 

2 • Sincerity was my response. Difficult conversations can be a waste without the use of sincerity. She listened to me. She understood.

3 • It's ok to feel uncomfortable. That was the hardest conversation I've ever had in a minute and it was completely ok. I had to get over my feelings to arrive at a better place with a friend.

4 • I don't know everything. I thought my distance came from wisdom, but it bubbled up out of hurt. I told my neighbor that in so many words. She didn't take that to heart because our friendship was more important. What a gift.

5 • It's easier to have a heart-to-heart when offenses are out of the picture. We immediately had a deep conversation which led to mutual encouragement. I would have missed this opportunity if I stayed away from this dear sister. 

6 • People are complex, and that's good. I don't know why I tried to simplify this friend and her actions. Assumptions and friendship shouldn't go together. Thank God for giving me grace and a second chance.

7 • When I pray for wisdom, I should expect God to walk me into situations such as the one I'm describing. It would be foolish to remain offended. God has heard my prayers for wisdom. He answered by sending me one of His children. Reconciliation followed. 

My neighbor gave me a big hug. I hugged her back. She smiled. For a moment, I felt like a kid in the playground. Friendship is meant to be that simple. The next time I sat by her side and it was as if nothing wrong had happened. Forgiveness and reconciliation made it all possible. I'm humbly grateful.