Camp Listenbee Week 1: what you didn't see

Monday, June 5, 2023

"Is Camp Listenbee still a thing?" one of the kids asked. I answered, "for sure." My idea was to make our summers enjoyable and memorable. We started the same way as in previous years. I teach a lesson on time management. I use 24 black beans because not only are they available but they are culturally relevant to us. Brazilians where I grew up eat Black beans and rice and so do we. 

The advantage of having older kids is their feedback on what you are trying to do. I heard their heart and takeaways on managing our time. They told me they appreciated the visual. Some got inspired to use their time more efficiently. My thesis is, God created time and we get to manage it with wisdom. 

We attended Angela Scott's book signing. It was a blessing to be there. It was inspiring to attend it with the girls. Angela is an excellent writer and speaker and a great person. I appreciate a living example of virtue, courage, and faith so my children can see it with their eyes. 
We visit the public library year-round yet summer is our favorite season. We joined the community and welcomed the summer reading challenge with a magic show and treats. The kids are getting older. Some mostly wanted uninterrupted browsing of the library. I plan on reading out loud with them this summer. I am creating a family culture where reading things out loud (poetry, articles, passages, etc) is part of who we are. It is inspiring. It fosters conversations and a common language. A fun fact is that I now work with our library so they are my co-workers. Having backstage access to my favorite place is extra special.
We attended the biggest festival our city hosts which is their bicentennial. We were delighted in seeing vendors, musical performances, and crafts. We went to our town's museum, had ice cream and chatted with friends. It didn't feel like work for me which is how work is supposed to be! 
It is swim season. Swimming is our sport. The first week is always quirky. It takes a while to get back in shape. The kids pressed on and completed their first swim meet. My husband and I marveled at their growth as individuals. We are looking forward to swimming as much as possible. 

My youngest came to church choir rehearsal with me. I was amazed at how quickly this moment arrived. We all sing and play an instrument. That particular evening my older two were leading worship at youth. The littlest one was waiting for VBS so she came with me to the choir. I told her, it's a free voice lesson with the best, your dad. She had a great time and learned a lot. 

I don't have a photo of this but we had our first summer Bible study. We are studying the Gospel of John. We were all supposed to read a few chapters and then study. The kids were pretty quiet. I decided to teach like I normally would. I tell you what, if you feel called to teach the Bible, you should definitely start at home. I've had kids fall asleep on me, look really confused, be extremely quiet and extremely encouraging. This time, it was at the end of the day. Everyone was tired. A few days later, one of the kids said "mamãe the study the other day was useful because it prepared me for Sunday School." I thought, glory be to God. I'm grateful His word prepares us for a Godly life.