Summer Health Challenge Week 1

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

"Habits do not inhibit freedom, it adds to it." 

Summers can get away from me unless I carefully plan and prepare for them. This summer health challenge seemed like a good idea after a busy end of Spring (which hasn't officially ended yet). 

Here is how my challenge works:

I set two behavior goals - June's goals are water (3,000 ml or 100 ounces) and food journaling (writing it daily). 

• I also set a weight loss goal for the next two months (June 149.7 and July 141.7). 


I reached my water goal for the week. I was especially encouraged when the kids and I went to a street festival. It was super hot outside. I already had gone for a run that morning and made sure to drink a lot of water. By the time we reached the festival, I felt the humidity but I was okay because I was hydrated. I drank more water with electrolytes while we were out and it really worked out. The same thing happened when the kids had a swim meet. It was hot but I was okay. I was hydrated (which put me in a great mood!), sat in the shade, and enjoyed some extra electrolytes. Drinking water is great for my health year-round. I'm glad I'm challenging myself to keep up with the good habit this summer. 

Food Journaling 

I decided to buy a journal and turn it into a food journal. I write everything I eat there. I also write down my weight and sometimes I wrote down my exercise milestones. 
I do measure and weigh my food. I don't always write down those weights and measures. I know that the more precise I am the better results I will get. 

I started the week reflecting. My second step was to plan, prepare and then expect to win. 

I had a few unexpected eating-out days. I paused to think about my choices and made the best choice for me. 

I did a great job not eating after dinner. This habit can make or break my goal this month. I worked so hard to attain the goal of not eating after dinner. I don't want to go back to bad habits. 

This summer health challenge is not a diet. I am eating what I enjoy. I go to parties, sometimes, multiple ones in one day, and I succeed. 

This is my life. I enjoy it and I am making it better. 

The following week is busy. My goal is to have food ready so I can fuel myself correctly. 

Initial weight: 158.1 lbs
Week 1: 155.8 (-2.3)
Goal 1: 149.7
Goal 2: 141.7

Summer 2023 Health Challenge