What I learned Summer 2023

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Last swim of the summer

It was a different type of Summer. I felt like I lived four seasons in one: 

Fall - When I think of Fall, I think of leaves turning. I believe I turned this summer. How so? I made peace with my past and I decided to change based on my experiences and insights. I was more reserved. I was still friendly but not as wide open as I often was in the past. This allowed me to allow friendships to fall where they may, no matter how undeveloped. 

Winter - Winter is a fair season. Fair because things die. Some come back another season, others do not. I experienced this fairness in a way where I made peace with some not-so-good things in me that needed to die. Winter offers a refining that no other season does. I think that's a better way to describe what I went through. Just that completing work that refining does in the character of a person. I believe that winter also teaches us not to give up. 

Spring - I saw myself blossoming this summer. I've been working on certain skills that bloomed this summer. Spring is about seeing beautiful things grow. I'm also grateful for the blooming I saw in our family this summer. 

Summer - I can say that summer is my favorite season. Without properly preparing for it, we may not enjoy it as much. Being hydrated works every season, but in the summer, you don't want to be dehydrated. I learned that preparation is essential to enjoy every season of life. 

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