Monday, January 29, 2024

What did you get curious about? • I read the Bible in One Year every year. This year, I was curious about how God tells His people what to do. Then, he tells them what happens when they both do and don't obey what He said. Then, He shows mercy, love, and faithfulness despite their actions, which He knew all about before they committed. I found myself reading the prophets and saying, "Wow, it is all here. God truly told us everything He wants us to know and do." There were other curiosities, but the knowledge of the Holy was my greatest one. I learned a lot about working with new groups of leaders this year. 

What did you get over? • Impatience. 

What did you good at? • Back squats. I also got better at food journaling. 

What did you embrace? • A new way of approaching my health journey. 

What did you rediscover? • My love for distance running.

What did you surrender to? • The newness of life all around me. 

What did you sacrifice? • Personal ambition. 

What did you sideline? • Extra activities.

What did you survive? • Letting go of good enough.

What did you celebrate? • Making the right decisions. 

Contemplate. Take time to ponder:

What did this year teach you about your capacity for courage? • I have room to grow only if I use it often. Talking about it and exercising courage are two different things. 

What risks did you take? How did they work out? • I risked my comfort in the areas of fitness and professionally. I'm glad. 

What did this year teach you about relationships? Love? Your capacity for forgiveness? • I learned that slowly, people forget you. The ones who choose to stay are keepers. I learned that love from God and family keeps my world going around. I learned that I need to keep forgiving, no matter what.

What particular synchronicities did you notice? • I'm not ready to talk about this yet. 

Where did you bring light to the darkness for someone? • I always pray that I can be used by God. I pray that I notice someone who needs the hope of Christ so I can tell them about Him. I prayed it so much over the past year. I remember one day when this happened. The memory of it will stay with me forever. I hope that God will continue to use me for His glory, no matter how dark the situation, I can always call on the name of the Lord.

When were you generous? How did that serve you? • I hope with my family first and with others too. 

Did you neglect yourself in any way? was there a time when you did not allow yourself something you needed? If a similar situation arises this year, what will you tell yourself? • Reminding myself to rest and actually do it is something I need to practice.

Of all the places where you spent time, which environment made you the most calm? where did you have your best ideas? • I’m calmest when I’m in Zeke’s arms. I’m calm when I’m at home taking care of our family. I’m also calm after CrossFit. My best ideas happen when I turn everything off and I use my brain to think.

What changes did you notice in your loved ones? • My sweet kids are growing taller and growing in wisdom and love.

What went on in the world that really affected you? what did that teach you in your role in wider society? • The world is a place of tribulation. Jesus reminds me to be of good courage. I get my teachings from Him. 

What did this year teach you about the preciousness of life? • God is the creator of life. I learned to serve Him without holding back. 


What did you create or made happen this year? • There were many projects at work. I want to say I created a good environment at home where everyone could be nurtured in love. 

What brought you the most satisfaction? • Prayer time. 

What was money well spent and when did you waste money? • Money well spent was budgeted and it went to our family's goals. 

What was the best use of your time and energy? Where did you waste time and energy? • Best use of my time and energy went to helping my husband and kids. Waste of time and energy went to worry.

What was a real success for you and why? What did you learn from that? • Learning from failures and overcoming failures taught me to be a good steward of the much God has given me. 

What didn't work out as you hoped? Why? What did you learn from that? • Some personal projects are taking more time to complete than expected. 

What or who was a challenge? Why? What did you learn from that? • Learning processes from well-established groups. I learned how cultures work. I learned how I can support them.

What was the single most important thing you did for your physical health? • I chose good nutrition and CrossFit. I chose to grow in both areas. 

What was the single most important thing you did for your mental health? • Talking to my husband and learning more about tools such as journaling. 

If you could sum up the year in a single word, what would it be? • Growth.

Letting go:

Write down things you want to let go • extra body fat. Regrets. Mistakes. 

Moving forward:

When did you allow yourself to be vulnerable over the past 12 months? What did you learn in the process? • It was disarming to engage in conversation with the person who knows me best. I learned there is so much more healing for me to receive. 

What do you want to carry with you in the new year? • The decision to trust God. 

What truths are you ready to start believing? • Everything God wants me to believe in His word. 

What are you ready to receive? • God's wisdom.

Time to make a plan.  

* from "Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year" by Beth Kempton.  

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