The discomfort of growth

Friday, January 26, 2024

“To become fit requires discomfort, to earn a significant income requires discomfort, to become great at anything, requires you to pay the price...

To become great, you must choose to allocate your time to your greatest opportunities. You will have to choose to spend time on the difficult things that create your biggest payoffs. To be great you will need to live with intention. That will require you to be clear on what matters most, and then to have the courage to say no to things that distract you.”

― Brian P. Moran

The best weeks challenge our limits. It is not always comfortable but we learn to live in the discomfort of growth. 

This was my first of 12 weeks of intentionally seeking a goal. I learned to pace myself while completing the tasks that needed to be done. I made mistakes. I asked for forgiveness. I proceeded. I also enjoyed seeing the evidence of my progress. Evidence of progress has gotten me out of the gutter of discouragement. I reminds me that I'm not where I want to be yet I'm not who I used to be. 

I set some ambitious goals for the year. I'm relying on God to help me and guide me. I'm not sugarcoating the amount of intentionality and work that accompanies this search. 

Choosing to spend time with things that create big payoffs is a must. 

Letting go of distractions needs to become a habit. Consistency is a good friend. 

One week at a time, I will get to my goal. I know I can do it. I know what I need to do to win. I know God will make a way to connect me with those who need to help me along the way.