Start at the finish line

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The finish line is always there for you. No matter how fast or slow you run, the finish line will be waiting for you. I see the year as a race. My mistake is when I start a marathon too fast. I run it so fast as if i will break a record just to get burned out. 

With this in mind,  I'm taking my time getting acclimated to the new year. I started the year celebrating my birthday with family, which was a great big gift for my January birthday. 

The first finish line I crossed in 2024 was the one at the end of my first Georgia half-marathon in January. After that race was completed I gathered my thoughts and strengths to pace myself towards December. 

The goals I want to achieve will be implemented in 12-week increments. Reading "The 12-Week Year" really changed the way I see goal-setting. I am grateful for the ideas of this book. 

I recently decided to start the 800-gram challenge (more info here). Basically, you eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables each day. I'm feeling better and stronger than ever. This challenge nicely complements my goal for these first 12 weeks. 

As I continue to march towards the year, we are living life to the fullest. The kids have a lot of studying and practicing to do. Church has been lovely with a lot of exciting opportunities for us to grow in our faith in Christ. 

This year most of the kids are going to high school. It's hard to believe how quickly time passes. I am encouraged that God has everything in His hand and He will guide us through this year. Only He knows the future. We who are His, receive the gift of today. I pray that we know how to number our days with wisdom from God.