Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Monday, July 14, 2014

Training for any marathon is never easy or convenient. Each week has its set of challenges but looking back I will be able to say that it was worth it. The marathon is the dream I chase and at the end of the day I earn more than a medal: I also earn rich experiences along the way. I will stand in the start line of the Chicago Marathon in 89 days and Houston is 187 days away.
Cheering myself works.
Today I want to tell you about how I get through the "inconvenience of training." There's a price tag attached to most things worth having in life. I spent countless hours studying to get my degrees. We changed our whole lives in preparation to have our precious children. Training for a marathon is the same way, it requires changing one's lifestyle but it's so worth it.

Because I chose a Fall marathon I have been training in the heat of the summer. I had to adapt and train smart. I hydrate religiously. Running in the heat is not convenient, so I try to get out there before the sun is in full strength and I also try to stay hydrated all day, every day.  My mindset is a key element: if I'm negative about the heat, the run will be even worse. I try to be positive and look forward to each run.

Training in the summer is inconvenient because my family's schedule changes. Right now I am working at a summer camp so I adapted to that. The solution was to make sure my training runs are a priority in my schedule. I physically write them down to be sure they happen. I also try to get done with my runs first thing in the morning so there's no excuse not to train.

I'm also a believer in practicing 'my minimum" when it comes to fitness. If it all fails, I know the amount of workouts I need to get in order to be ready for the marathon. Training for a marathon is never easy or convenient. I hope to be able to succeed as I prepare diligently for the marathon. Each run is a learning opportunity and I hope to keep learning to succeed.

QUESTION: How do you overcome your top inconvenience of training for an event?

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Lauren said...

Well said! I have schedule flexibility when it comes to training, so moving around training days is usually what I do when I encounter inconvenience!