Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

Monday, August 4, 2014

New week, new challenges. I had a week of rest where I got ready for vacation. I also had to get my 15-miler early because of a weekend meeting. This was my "finish line" view:
Being close to my car is great. 
I started early with a group of friends and finished by myself. My time was decent. My goal is to cover the mileage and feel like a human being at the end of the run. As you can see, I still have a smile which means I felt great! 
Mental training is a must if I want to finish strong. It works!
Training for a Fall marathon when most of your friends are keeping their miles low for a Winter marathon is quite challenging. I always thought that "what it takes to get ready" for a run is the most challenging part of my training. Fitting runs in among all the stuff I have going on has been challenging but with God's help I will cross the finish line at Chicago in 68 days. The Houston Marathon happens in 166 days, can you believe it? 
I have always heard that marathon training is challenging so now I am seeing why that's the case for me. You have to make several commitments. In my case I am committed to:
Training several days a week - I have to wake up extra early so my husband can keep the kids while I am training. When it comes to long runs, I have to be sure that my husband is off work so that I can stay out there up to 4 hours if needed. Talk about being organized in order to run! Most of my mental strength goes to not dreading the work that happens before I can get out there and run. I have to tell myself it's worth it. I have to press on and think about crossing the finish line. For me it's never about lacing up my shoes and leaving. I go through a 20-step process before I can lace up and go. I know it'll get easier but right now it's just not simple or convenient.
Staying Hydrated before the runs - summer running in south Texas is no joke. I feel better when I drink plenty water before I get out there. For me it means that whether I am running or not I am drinking water. It also means giving up other beverages so I can meet my H2O quota for the day. I'd drink coffee all day if I could but if I want to stay hydrated I need to limit that consumption. It pays off when I'm out there running in the humidity. 
Choosing the best Nutrition per bite - I experience a great sense of entitlement during marathon training. Because I am running long, I feel I can eat whatever I want. The truth is that I feel better when I eat better. I do believe in having balance and actually enjoying food. The challenge is to make sure that most of my meals provide the nutrition I need to run and recover well. 

Most people think that conquering long miles is the most challenging part of marathon training but that's not my experience. Keeping my commitment to train often, drink water and choose great nutrition are the biggest challenges for me. As always, I appreciate your prayers. I am praying that God will help me with so many things related to this Fall Marathon (Winter too!) and I appreciate your prayers for me. I can do it through Christ who gives me strength. 
My Question for you is, what are your 3 greatest commitments when it comes to your training? 
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Lauren said...

It's crazy how much organization goes into training for a marathon! You are doing amazing - keep up the great work!

KW said...

The big one for me is staying out late with friends and drinking. Because of the heat, you have to get out there early in the morning. So, I'm not really going out the night before a scheduled long run. And I only drink maybe two glasses of wine if I'm drinking at beer. So, that's two biggies for me.

And eating better.

Cintia Listenbee said...

You two are the best. {hugs}