Chicago Marathon Training Week 10

Monday, September 8, 2014

We are 33 days away from the Chicago Marathon and 131 days from the Houston Marathon. It's a blessing to be on this side of training. It has been hot, muggy and even awful out there but I will be ready for any weather God gives us come marathon day. I have presented my request of course! 

I am very thankful for the runners (and my coaches of course!) who have trained with me during this season. Last Saturday I ran with a fellow FBF runner who will be running Chicago. It was awesome! It was also great to see my running buddies. I miss running with them on a regular basis but at this season of life, Zeke and I need to run in different days most of time. Here are our happy faces after Saturday's run:
I love my FBF friends!
• I run without music which gives me a lot of time to think. Last week I was encouraged with the though that when running a marathon, one competes for "one medal per neck." It is counter productive to compare myself with others for we all run our own races. It is useless to wish I was someone I'm not (sponsored, faster, etc). All the work I'm putting into training will earn me that "one medal per neck." When running, although I experience a very encouraging environment, it's each runner for themselves. Your legs belong to you as well as your drive. No one can run for you in a literal sense. Inspiration is welcome and useful but at the end of the day it's "one medal per neck." 
• I'm very thankful to the friends who help us so my husband and I can run with the running group on Saturdays. This season has its uniqueness and one of them is that I chose to run by myself. I tried running with a stroller years ago but it did not work for me. Running by myself is what I really enjoy so I am thankful to Zeke and to the friends who make it possible. 
• I appreciate your encouragement and prayers for a great end of my training season for this Fall Marathon friends. 
Have a blessed and productive day!

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Lauren said...

I really enjoy running without music too. There is something peaceful about being out there with nothing but your own thoughts and having just you and God for self motivation!