Weight Watchers: 10 lbs down, 20 to go

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Here I am again. I lost the first 10 pounds again. I'm saying "again" because last year, I managed to lose 10 pounds and 10 pounds only. I'm totally okay with that but the goal is to keep going until I reach my goal.
The good thing is that my clothes are fitting much better. This morning I put on a winter jacket and it fit much better than last year. I don't think I actually wore that jacket last winter. Progress is pretty amazing.
I can also see a difference in my running but I have friends who have assured me it's psychological. It is easier to run when I'm not carrying extra weight around.
A sweet and very honest friend from my Bible study told me she noticed I was losing weight. I'm encouraged to keep this progress going until I am finished with my weight loss.
Before I started this journey I actually talked to my doctor about my health goals. She told me that losing 30 pounds would put me at a very good place. So, I lost 10 and I have 20 pounds to lose.
I am challenging myself not to give up. I am remembering that every small step I take will lead me to my goal. Tracking my food is essential. Exercising is without a doubt a necessity. I believe I can reach my goal and I am encouraged to do what it takes to get there.
Here is a video with the latest on my weight loss journey friends.

Goal for the week: Track 7 days with the ww app. Exercise at least 5 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
{{Current Weight}}: 165.4 lbs

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