Going Natural: Confidence and Peace

Monday, April 30, 2018

I decided not to blog  about my hair when I did the big chop 4 years ago. 
Everyone was talking about going natural, so I decided to live in in my side of the world. 

It was tough to have people stare at my head. It was quite the change! I looked like the Chia Pet but my hair kept growing. 

The reason why I went natural, was because my kids were starting not to like their own hair. I decided to show them that there was nothing wrong with it.

Going natural  has been a money saver. That was until I started getting gray hair but I don’t yet require much hair dye. 

Going natural made life easier, even in the winter. I can truly "wash and go." I hardly ever go to the beauty shop so I’m keeping all of that money in my pocket. I think that the last time I went to a beauty show was 4 years ago to get the permed hair trimmed. I don’t even think I braided my hair these past 4 years. I am truly working with what I have friends. 

Sometimes people ask which products I use daily. I use Argan oil and Cantu Butter products. 

I can’t quantify my kids’ satisfaction with their hair these past 4 years. What I can do is to be happy with my own. Nothing speaks louder than confidence and peace.

This going natural thing was a great experiment in going a different direction than the culture. It is possible to do it. You may get a bunch of stares at first but you'll be just fine. Confidence and peace are the results I now enjoy. 
MEL said...

Your writings are always so inspirational!! I, too, am on the natural hair journey. I started last year when my wonderful daughter-in-law agreed to be my hair guide. With her magical hands (and Cantu products), she has transformed my dry, fickle hair into curly, silky locks. My growth is slow, but I can spritz, lotion and go! Freedom & Savings. Loving my natural look!