Weight Watchers: Tracking Habit

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I am yet to figure out why it has been challenging to develop a tracking habit. Switching from paper to the app has been difficult. I have considered writing things down on a food diary in addition to the app to see if I can establish the habit. Tracking isn’t hard when I’m doing well in the beginning of the day. It’s the end of the day that is challenging. 
I found out that I can succeed at work by taking my food and snacks. I need to plan my after work food better. 
I also need to plan for that time I get home and I’m hungry but it’s not dinner time yet. Often times, I eat a piece of fruit at work because it gives me some energy to finish the day. I might be more intentional with that late afternoon work snack. I might need to combine a carb and a protein for that time of day. 
I told one of of my running buddies that the magic happens when I track. When I write everything down, I lose weight. 
I want to be more intentional with this habit.

Goal for the week: Track 7 days (foreal) with the Weight Watchers app. Exercise at least 5 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
{{Current Weight}}: 164 lbs

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