What I learned this Spring

Friday, May 24, 2019

I can dream bigger dreams • I sometimes look around and I perceive people and situations trying to limit me. I learned I can dream bigger dreams. A trip to San Diego reminded me that my very being is valid. My dreams, desires and vision are worthy of being pursued, no matter what others may think of my potential. Others can limit me if they want but I dare not limit myself.

Time to close the chapter • There is a chapter in my life I refused to close for years (sorry I can't offer more details). It was over and the person closest to me (Zeke) could sense it. I had to go through an uneasy situation TWICE in order to realize it was time to close that chapter. I got to a place where I don't care what the next chapter is (okay, I do care), I'm just done reliving the old one.

My words are influential • Words matter to the people who matter the most: my immediate family. I saw that so clearly and I constantly ask God to give me wisdom to speak words of life, always.

Arrows go further • The kids participated in their first triathlon this Spring. They trained, they competed and they enjoyed themselves. It was a joy to see them doing something my husband and I are yet to do (oh yeah, I have my gaze on a triathlon but not in the next year). Our kids are our arrows and they are meant to go further, higher.

God gives grace • Instead of dwelling in guilt and frustration, I decided to ask God for grace. Grace upon grace He gave me. The Spring was only livable because of God's grace in my life. I'm telling you: don't judge my life through social media. We go through trials and God gives us grace.

Bad seasons end • This Spring, a particularly bad circumstance of life ended. Now that is over, it feels that it went by quickly. I tried not to complain. I tried to connect with God and do the best I could with what I had. I had support from key people in my life. God was a very present help. I want you to know that bad seasons end. I hope you decide to get support from a few key people and God.

Hospitality is great • I believe I am never too busy to be hospitable. Hospitality is part of our family's DNA. We had several friends over and we are looking forward to being even more hospitable this summer. We are hospitable because we love people. We also want to know our friends better. We do not practice the type of hospitality that requires perfection or the latest and greatest material things. Ours comes from the heart. It is meant to be casual and cozy. Hospitality is not practiced so that one can brag about it. The goal is to bound hearts together and bring much needed renewal through unhurried friendship.

My husband is a great forgiver • It is not easy to be married to me. Zeke is the best gift God has given me on this side of heaven. His forgiveness has meant the world to me.

What have you learned this Spring?

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