What I learned Spring 2023

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


If you look at our calendar, you will see that our Spring was so busy. Here are a few lessons from the Spring of 2023:

• We can connect, even when the calendar is busy. We found ways to get together for dinner and spend some much-needed downtime on weekends. The simplest way to connect is around food and togetherness at home. 

• We were busy but I was not extremely anxious about our schedule. Operating from a place of peace is settling and even invigorating. 

• Our youngest daughter was the lead character in a musical at her school. The musical was Moana. It was an immense blessing to support her and the entire cast. All the kids worked hard. It was awesome to see how everything came together. Our daughter prayed for God's will to be done as she auditioned. It was touching to see how supportive of her castmates she was. We had a lot of family and friends who came to support her too. Our joy multiplied! Our hearts are still full! At the end of the first performance, she cried tears of joy. It was nice to see her find comfort and support in her older sister as well as our family. We had a small reception in her honor at home. We will never forget that incredible performance. We pray God opens doors for more opportunities for her to sing and act. 

• Supportive of people is who we are. I find it character-forming when we are supportive of others' achievements. God sees the heart. We learned that our hearts were made to honor and support others and their dreams. 

• Families champion individual members, even when the championing serves as warnings. We went through a growing moment when we had to warn one of our members that a certain friendship was not what it seemed to be. We all did it from a heart of compassion. I think it was a tough truth to hear yet it was well received. We are all better for it. 

• Moving to a new community has a lot of blessings. Finding truthful medical professionals has been a blessing we are enjoying. I'm deeply grateful. 

• Our oldest kids served at VBS for the first time this Spring. I can't believe we are here already. It was a blessing to see them serve and enjoy the process. I pray for more joyful service opportunities. 

• I learned, yet again, that love is sacrificial. Speaking the truth in love works when the heart is submitted to the word and truth of Jesus. I also learned I have more total forgiveness to release. 

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