What I learned this Winter 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020

Thumbs up for the end of Winter!

"No" is a holy word
• I stepped out of a meeting to answer a phone call from a mentor. I proceeded to say I wasn't doing very well. As a matter of fact, the past few weeks had been very difficult. As I described exactly what I was dealing with, she listened with care. Her words of wisdom were, "no is a holy word." She reminded me that in this season of life, saying no is okay. She helped me remember the priorities I have for this season. God, family, and work is plenty.

When it comes to my 40th birthday, less is more • last year, I did not orchestrate my birthday. This year, I decided that less was more. I did have my sister and nephew over to celebrate. Our simple family celebration was filled with joy. Less was more. I'm thankful.

WW is my happy place • The building itself is not stellar. The people I meet at WW made it my happy place. Attending meetings has not been easy but I've made the effort to come every week. The love and care the leadership pours on us make it a happy place. I remember gaining weight one week and leaving so happy because of the way everyone made me feel: special. Happy places are needed when the world around is nothing but joyful.

Running adds quality to my life • I'm not training for any races but I am still running. I am learning that running makes my life better. I protect the time I run because of that. I also learned that my running buddies add joy to my life. Their encouragement, joy, and jokes have helped me add much-needed balance to life. I thank God for the gift of running and for the amazing running community.

I can do hard things, so can you • I won't bore you with the details of the hardships I've encountered this winter. I am here to tell you that you have what it takes to face hardships. All you need is God, grit and giggles. God because without Him, we can't do anything worth doing. Grit because persistence will be your bread and butter in difficult seasons. Giggles because your body needs that burst of joy. Being stressed makes you sick. Joy brings healing. You need to be healthy to do hard things. You have what it takes, you really do.

Kids have the right perspective • We've had water in our basement for three weeks. The kids managed to have fun through it all. I told my husband that I need to trust God like a child. They don't worry because they trust everything will be okay. They faced challenges as an adventure. Oh to trust God with this type of faith!

Just read the Bible • No matter what season of life I'm in, I find that reading the Bible is a great idea. This winter I've been doing quite a bit of Bible teaching. The thing I told myself is, I'm not reading just because I teach. I read because God's words are my very life. When I face problems and difficulties, I often tell myself: "keep your nose in the Bible." It works. God's perspective is what makes my entire life make sense.

What did you learn this winter my friend?

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