1 year with Weight Watchers

Friday, October 5, 2018

I dreamed of going back to Weight Watchers (WW) for a long time. The first time I joined was 8 years ago in North Carolina. I had two babies within 15 months and I was eager to get back in shape. I lost around 30 lbs with WW. Our financial situation was tight. I left the program but I kept the principles I learned. I lost 20 lbs on my own.

22 months later I was delivering again and I was eager to get to a healthy weight in Texas. I journaled my food and lost 50 lbs. I also discovered long distance running. Over the years, my weight went up slowly and so did my stress level.

I've been determined not to give up on having the best weight for my height. I tried on my own and I was not getting the results I needed. I waited until I went back to work last Fall to sign up again with Weight Watchers.

I signed up with the online portion of WW. It hasn't been easy but I’ve been able to lose weight and maintain that loss.

Sometimes I get discouraged about the amount of weight I lost. I quickly snap out of it and remember all the barriers I had to overcome.

I also remember my doctor’s advice. She said, it is better to lose slowly if you want to keep it off permanently.

I remember all the lessons learned through my failures. The main one? Do not give up, persist.

I thought I’d stay with WW until I reached my goal but I decided to switch plans. I still love WW, I just need to change the way I invest my money.

My commitment to my health is stronger than ever. I already started a different food journaling system.

That’s it friends. They’re just systems: the only constant is me.

My goal is to arrive my race weight before the end of the year.

Have you ever been frustrated because of the many barriers you needed to overcome during your health journey? Me too.

The key is to persist. Don’t give up on yourself, you’re worth it.
The 2018 journey, so far. I started last Fall.

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