What I learned this Spring 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020

I have been recapping each season of my life for two years. 
I thought that this Spring, I should give you insight into some of the deepest lessons I am carrying with me for the rest of this year.  Here is what I learned in the Spring of 2020.

• Sometimes, when people tell me something over and over, I should believe them. 
The things that people told me the most this Spring was: 
"You have a voice. Use it."
"You have power. Use it." 
I obviously must have been acting like I had neither. 
Friends, I got discouraged and desperate at times. I also listened to this sound advice different people gave me. 
I learned that when you feel voiceless and lacking power, it is important to listen to the voices of those who see something in you that you do not see in yourself. I do have a voice. I do have power. I hope to use both for the good of others. 

• One of my mentors had a very candid conversation with me. She listened to me. I listened to her. I am still digesting the wisdom she gave me. She reminded me to develop a thicker skin. She reminded me of God's plan and how I can be active in it. Thank God for people who are wiser and willing to share their wisdom with us.

• My family and I really like one another. I want to say that quarantine was challenging but we recognized how incredibly blessed we are. We also recognized that being together was a gift not to be wasted. We spent a lot of time at the dinner table. We talked, prayed and we wrote letters. We trusted God to bring about better days.

• I was so busy before the world changed that I did not have time to process my transition from Houston to East Texas. It's amazing how your soul doesn't forget. I decided to feel my feelings. Part of the process was finally getting to say, thank God I am where I am.

•  God knows a lot of stuff I don't know.  I honestly didn't know how this move was going to work out. All we knew was that we were being led and we wanted to follow God. Where He leads, He provides. From the smallest details to the big ones, He knows. He cares. I learned this lesson in greater depth this Spring. 

• This Spring, I learned that people want to change. A lot of my acquaintances and friends expressed their desire to no longer be passive about the issues of racism. I'm so glad. 

• My husband Zeke is my superhero. I'm glad he chose me. I'm glad God brought us together. I was thinking about the chances of the two of us meeting. They were pretty slim. A girl from Rio and a guy from Mississippi. I'm amazed at how God brought us together. I am thankful for every second I spend with Zeke. I pray for a long, healthy life together serving God and loving our sweet kids.

• The lessons God taught me during this Spring should inform how I live for the rest of the year. I spoke about this with several friends. I told them, "we are learning something, even in this difficult season. These lessons should inform how we live from now on." I refuse to settle. I refuse not to grow and be all who God called me to be.

What did you learn this Spring?

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LifenotesEncouragement said...

I love this post; love your voice; love your assurance and confidence. I like the reminder that we all have a voice and clearly, we all struggle with using our voice no matter our personalities. I'm always learning this lesson.
I'm also learning that I value my health. I had stopped running for a while but slowly and surely I'm starting again and my body thanks me for it. I'm over 50 but somedays I'm amazed at what my body can do.
I'm learning how to navigate some of the bumpy things in marriage. You would think that after 30 years everything is smooth sailing. Not so. Quarantine is challenging but we're both working through it because we both know that for us, longevity and commitment is love. Walking and talking has been helpful.

PS - I hadn't commented for so long because there used to be a problem leaving comments. I don't know if it was technical but I'm glad I'm able to comment

Becky said...

I am touched by what you wrote. The thought of you having a mentor that not only dispensed advice but listens to what you have to say. I need to be a better listener. I am also glad that you trusted God in your move. I too followed a shaky path a long time ago, and it led me to the place I believe God wanted for us. I am so glad that I feel your words even though the miles are between us.