What I learned this Fall 2021

Thursday, December 23, 2021

• There's a difference between the life you get and the life you choose. Loving the life you choose is a daily choice. I wrote about this here => More 

• God loves me and He gave me great friends. When I go through difficult seasons, He never ceases to send me one of His children with encouragement. I am grateful for being able to see some friends who know me and love me for who I am. They know the good, they know the bad and they choose to love me. When you've been rejected, friendship is a balm.

• Kids are an unsatiable source of joy. We saw one of our kids run for a position in student government, write a poem as an election speech, dress up and win the election. It was so cool. We also enjoyed their Christmas band and piano concerts. 

• The Fall was a challenging season personally. It seemed that when I hit rock bottom, God always sent someone to encourage and care. Some of the encouragement was very humbling. There was a lot of good that happened. There were also a lot of bad moments. We are stronger for it. God is for us and He is our strength.

• I was faced with a reality that will not change. I decided that while I am not responsible for outside circumstances, I am responsible for my own attitude. I'm choosing a joyful and friendly attitude. 

• Zeke had a birthday in the Fall. We love celebrating him. We learned that celebration is not about outside displays of possessions but it is about that which can only come from the heart. 

• I feel that God helped me to accept a lot of things I cannot change. The things I could change, I did. I changed my sleep pattern. I decided that when I get more rest, I'm better able to succeed in life. I changed my exercise pattern. I started the year with an injury. Thank God, I found great strength because of that. I changed my thought patterns. I had a funny way of ignoring rejection from people. I decided to accept it. I decided to show up fully as who God created me to be. I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm certainly God's, Zeke's, my family's and a few true friends' tough. 

• If I didn't learn anything from this Fall, I learned to keep doing the things that will cause me to be the person God called me to be.