MWLISS: Losing weight in 2020 4 key lessons

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2010 vs. 2020

Losing weight during any year is tough. 2020 proved to be one of the toughest years of all. Still, I learned some key lessons that helped me accomplish my goal. 

1. Get some real help. I've lost weight all by myself. 2020 was the year I decided to get some real help. First, my help came in the form of attending WW workshops in person. What a joy that was! Then, after the world changed, I committed to attending virtual meetings each week. The meetings motivated me and encouraged me to stay focused. 

2. Follow the plan. That's the only way to get results. I heard that if I stop lying to myself and get honest, I can get results. Lying to myself means not tracking all the food I eat. Lying to myself means allowing negative thoughts to turn into reality. WW has a well-rounded plan that helps me succeed in every area of life. 

3. Get some rest. I didn't know that rest was my superpower until this year. Life was stressful and busy. Resting helped me keep my sanity. The weeks I rested the most were weeks where weight loss occurred. 

4. Don't wait: do it now. I wish I had someone close to me doing WW. I don't. I learned that I can't wait until I have company to change and to make my life better. If I waited for someone to tag along with me so I could accomplish different things, I wouldn't have most things worth doing in life. You may get company along the way. The important thing is not to wait. Start now. You have what it takes. 

Thanks for reading this series this year! My goal is to lose the last 10 lbs and proceed to Lifetime status as a WW member. Thanks for the encouragement!

WW start weight: 175 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs
Second Goal: 146 lbs
Third Goal: 136 lbs Current Weight: 146 lbs
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